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Lexus LH400

Does your Lexus LH400 need service?

Maintain, diagnose and repair your Lexus LH400 at one local shop!

Lexus LH400 Hybrids need less maintenance than most vehicles, but they do need love and attention from time to time.

Common Lexus LH400 Issues to Check Besides Regular Maintenance

If you run into any of the following issues with your Lexus LH400, it’s 

important to have a certified technician look into it for you to resolve the problem and keep you driving smoothly:

1.     Electrical problems; malfunctioning batteries, power steering, and other electrical components.

2.     Braking issues; your brakes may become unresponsive unless pressed firmly.

3.     Suspension issues; if you hear knocking or clunking noises from your front suspension or feel excessive vibrations, you could have suspension problems that need to be resolved.

4.     Rear seat rattle; this may be more noticeable when driving over speed bumps or potholes, the poor fitted backseats are to blame for this common annoyance.

5.     Engine issues; this may include oil leaks, excessive noise and misfires caused by faulty spark plugs or a clogged fuel filter.

6.     Battery issues; the battery may have intermittent electrical problems causing a decrease in engine power, stalled engines and affect your gas mileage.

7.     Leaking inverter; this component sends power to your wheels which can affect your ability to steer.

8.     Power steering fluid leak; this problem is often caused by a faulty hose making it difficult to steer and turn.

9.     Transmission issues; this is often caused by another faulty hose leaking transmission fluid resulting in unexpected acceleration or cause your gears to slip or shift erratically.

Read more about the other types of services we can provide for your Toyota Hybrid here.

Dedicated Lexus LH400 Hybrid Specialist 

Our Toyota Hybrid Specialists have professional, hands-on experience working with all hybrid models. We also invest in the most current diagnostic equipment available so we can quickly uncover any problems and start working on the solution.

Schedule Service on Your Lexus LH400 Today!

Regular maintenance and service on your Lexus LH400 allows us to diagnose issues before they become severe and possibly more expensive to repair. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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