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Does your Toyota Prius need maintenance?

Maintain, diagnose and repair your Toyota Prius all at one local shop!

Prius Hybrids need less maintenance than most vehicles, but they do need love and attention from time to time.

Our Prius Certified Technicians can perform the following services for your Prius:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Oil Change Service
  • High Voltage Battery Repair
  • Inverter Repair
  • Three Way Coolant Valve
  • Brake Accumulators
  • Fuel Tank Bladder Repair
  • Water Pump Replacement
  • Wheel Bearing Replacement

Dedicated Toyota Hybrid Specialist

Our Toyota Hybrid Specialists have professional, hands-on experience working with all hybrid models. We also invest in the most current diagnostic equipment available so we can quickly uncover any problems and start working on the solution.

ArborMotion Helps You Manage Your Prius Hybrid's Maintenance Services

We automatically keep track of your vehicle's maintenance schedule and keep you fully informed along the way. At each service you'll receive a full report of which items are up to date (so you don't spend money needlessly) and which items are coming due. From time to time you'll receive reminders when upcoming services are due via email or text. These reminders make sure you get every mile possible out of every maintenance service, saving you money. This is one more way ArborMotion is working every day to make your auto care easy. When you get a text or an email from us regarding your maintenance, you can easily respond and schedule your recommended services.

Schedule Service on Your Toyota Prius Today!

Regular maintenance and service on your Toyota Prius allows us to diagnose issues before they become severe and possibly more expensive to repair. Contact Us to schedule an appointment today!

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