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Wheel Alignment And Service

Having properly balanced and aligned wheels is important for having a safe and smooth drive while you’re on the road. Proper balance and alignment allows your tires to roll efficiently even on uneven road conditions and keeps your vehicle straight while allowing it to operate optimally. Without regular balancing and alignment, you could run into costly repairs down the road.

Alignment & Wheel Balance Symptoms

If everything is properly balanced and aligned, your vehicle should be comfortable to drive. Here are some early symptoms of potential trouble:

Does your car or truck pull to the right or left while driving?

This could be a sign of uneven tire wear caused by wheel alignment issues. It could affect your steering system. In addition to causing extra tread wear, if your wheels are out of alignment, there’s extra stress on a number of crucial systems.

Stay Aligned – Stay on The Road

If you’re having trouble steering your vehicle or notice that your drive is rougher than usual, it’s time to let our technicians at ArborMotion take a look. Regular maintenance and service allows us to diagnose issues before they become severe and possibly more expensive to take care of later. To schedule an alignment inspection appointment, give us a call at 734-761-1088 today!

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