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All About Suspension

Have you noticed a shimmy when you’re driving your vehicle? Have you been the victim of Michigan’s infamous potholes? It may be time to take a thorough look at your suspension.

Your suspension system gives you that “smooth” feeling as you drive down the road. If you notice things feel extra bumpy or you’re being jostled around, your suspension probably needs some attention. 

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    In the Front:

    • Lower Control arms
    • Inner & outer Tie Rods
    • Thrust/Trailing arm
    • Sway Bar links
    • Sway Bushings
    • Strut Assembly
    • Strut Top Hat

    In the Rear:

    •   Lower Control arms
    •  Toe Adjust control arms
    • Thrust/Trailing arm
    • Sway bar links
    • Sway bar bushings
    • Shocks

    4-wheel alignment after work is complete.

    Not every piece of your suspension needs to be replaced when things start feeling loose. This is why we do a thorough investigation when you start noticing symptoms, so we can pinpoint the problems. We don’t want to replace things that are in working order … that would be a waste of money! 

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