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Is it Time to Schedule Your Tune-up?

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What is a tune up? How do you know when your vehicle is due for one? What really happens during a tune up? 

A tune up isn’t what it used to be. Once upon a time, a tune up was like tuning a musical instrument - performing maintenance on a host of parts so the vehicle ran as smoothly as possible. 

For modern vehicles, most of what used to be performed during a tune up is either obsolete due to advancements in engineering or is electronically controlled and no longer requires the same sort of maintenance.

Do you need a tune up? Yes and no. You don’t need a new distributor cap or need to have your carburetor adjusted. But you do need new spark plugs (depending on your vehicle, at 40, 60, or 80 thousand miles), a regular brake fluid flush (every 20,000 miles), and new engine and cabin air filters (typically every 20-30 thousand miles). 

When you bring your vehicle into ArborMotion we help you manage your maintenance by keeping track what services are up to date and what may be due or upcoming for your vehicle. This effectively eliminates the guessing game on your part of what your car needs; you will receive a full report giving you the status of your vehicle’s health.

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