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All About Brakes

Taking proper care of your brakes is vital! Your brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle. You may not know something is going awry with your brakes until you start hearing noises or get a notification on your dashboard. During your maintenance appointment at ArborMotion, we’ll visually inspect your brakes to keep an eye on their overall health. 

The Braking System

This is a very simplistic diagram of the braking system in many vehicles. As parts of your braking system start to wear down, you may hear a new noise as you brake or you may get an indication on the dashboard that your brakes need servicing.

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Brake Pads

Brake pads squeeze the rotor to slow your vehicle. These pads intentionally wear down over time. Having fresh pads rubbing along your rotors ensures the most even braking and the best stopping power possible. 

Brake Rotors

Once upon a time, people would have their rotors “turned”. We’ve had customers ask about this service, but it’s no longer standard. Rotors today are built to wear evenly along with the pads, and then both pieces of the brake system are replaced simultaneously.

Replacing Both Together

Replacing the pads and rotors together is the standard recommendation these days. In terms of safety, it’s much better to have all new parts rather than trying to smooth out a rough surface and then trying to get it to perform like new. 

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