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How to Share the Road with Snowplow Drivers

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This winter has been a roller coaster in Michigan, going from warm and sunny 50-degree days to frigid temps that came with 2 feet of snow. 

Regardless of how you look at it, it’s still winter and you should be cautious when you’re driving. That being said, we have to remember to make room for snowplow drivers! 

These are the men and women who get up early and stay out late to make sure our roads are in good driving condition. Here are some tips for when driving with a snowplow:

1.    When you are coming up to a snowplow, start to slow down. Leave a good 5-car length between you and the plow. This will allow you time to either stop or slow down even more if the snowplow has to make an unexpected turn or stop.

2.    If you come up to a snowplow that is stopped, don’t stop too close. Usually the plows are not just moving snow – they’re also putting down salt, which comes out of the back of the truck. If you’re too close to the truck, the salt can damage your vehicle. 

3.    Make sure you’re giving the plow enough room to work. They may be moving forward at the time you catch up, but they may have to stop suddenly or even reverse to be able to move the snow. Try not to pass the plow as they are working – the area behind the plow is the safest! 

4.    Allow for more room than normal when the plow is on a hill, bridge, ramp, curves and interchanges. The driver has limited sight because of the plow, so giving them extra room makes sure that there is less chance for an accident. 

Remember, the snowplow drivers are making the roads safer. Driving close to them and even passing them can make their job a lot harder and there’s a good chance that you may get hurt. Give them time and room to work and the roads will be cleared faster! 

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