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This Year’s Best Super Bowl Commercials Rated by Us!

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Whether you were happy to see the Eagles win their first Super Bowl in franchise history or disappointed to see the Patriots lose a game, there’s one thing most of us can agree on: the commercials. The Super Bowl almost always has the best commercials! In fact, some people watch the game just for the commercials. Several car manufacturers took part in the Super Bowl commercial tradition and knocked it out of the park. Here are some of the best car commercials from this year.

The top spot for the best car commercial was a tough choice, but Toyota’s Mobility Anthem commercial won by a hair. Toyota has launched a “Mobility for All” campaign. The three ads they aired during the Super Bowl were part of this campaign. In the Mobility Anthem commercial, Toyota goes for an emotional and empowering response. It delivers the message that mobility is a human right from our first steps to our victory laps as we see babies transitioning to children, to adults, and to the elderly. They also encourage you to “start your impossible.” This ad got the #1 spot from us because it reminds us of Alice in Wonderland when Alice says “sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Watch the full 2-minute ad here!

Coming in at #2 was Jeep’s Jurassic Park throwback commercial with Jeff Goldblum. Jeep had two other ads during the Super Bowl, but for us they couldn’t beat a nod to JP. It begins with the classic clip from the original Jurassic Park movie where a younger Jeff Goldblum is being chased in a Jeep by a T-Rex. The Jeep evolves into a newer Jeep with an older Jeff Goldblum driving. He chases the T-Rex in the new Jeep and starts taunting it. The commercial then flashes to him sitting in a Jeep in a dealership show room. A woman asks if he would like to take it for a test drive and he replies “I just did.” The tagline at the end is “Evolution in its purest form” as the Jurassic Park Theme music plays in the background. If you’re a JP fan, it’s as sure to get you as the raptor that opens the door.

See it for yourself here!

Hyundai took #3 for us with their Ref to the Rescue spot. In this ad, parents on the sidelines of their children’s soccer game complain the game was scheduled during the Super Bowl. A ref quickly parks his Hyundai Kona, starts the game, and immediately begins removing players from the game. He gives red cards for things like “too cute”, “trying too hard”, and “tiny legs.” The parents realize the ref is trying to end the game and encourage him. He calls the game for not enough players on the field and says “Happy Super Bowl everybody!” Then predictably jumps back into his Hyundai Kona and tears off. The commercial ends with an announcer stating that the Kona is designed to save the day. While we’re not sure how the Hyundai saved the Super Bowl, it still made us laugh.

Watch the player ejections here!

There are a couple of other commercials that deserve an honorable mention. One of them is Icelandic Vikings driving a Dodge Ram to the SuperBowl only to discover the Minnesota Vikings were not playing. Another honorable mention goes to the Lexus/Marvel collaboration for their Black Panther commercial. It’s a minute-long mini movie where Marvel’s Black Panther character rescues a tube of vibranium in a Lexus.

A nod also goes to Mercedes for their creativity. They didn’t have an ad for the Super Bowl but created a contest called Last Fan Standing to win a 2018 Mercedes-AMG C43. The idea was to play a game where you keep your finger on the Mercedes as long as you can as the car moves across the screen of your smartphone. The last person with their finger on it won the car. Due to technical difficulties, the game didn’t work so Mercedes used a lottery to give away the car. The concept was still cool! Tide also wins an award for best car commercial during the Super Bowl. We know it’s laundry soap, not a car. Tide had four commercials pretending to be a commercial for something else then announced it was a Tide commercial. In the beginning of one, an unidentifiable car was speeding down a road. The actor asks if this is just a typical Super Bowl car ad, right? Then says, “it’s a Tide ad. Just look at those clean clothes.” They also make fun of commercials for beer, medication, insurance, and even Old Spice. Tide definitely wins bonus points for their tongue-in-cheek humor.

What were your favorite ads during the Super Bowl? Did you watch for the commercials or the football? Both? Whatever the reason you watched it, the Super Bowl brings people together and that’s a good thing!

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