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ArborMotion's Green Initiatives - Putting the Brakes on Brake Cleaning Waste

Foreign Car Repair Ann Arbor

ArborMotion is consistently striving to find ways to help reduce our shop’s carbon footprint, and we are very proud to be utilizing a patent-pending Bulk Brake Cleaner System by Zep Automotive – an industry leader in chemical formulation and high performance products.

foreign Car Repair Ann Arbor

When our technicians are working on your vehicle’s brakes, removing the dirt, oil, and other debris from the components of your braking system is absolutely essential. Traditionally, the fluid used for brake cleaning came in an aerosol can which would get tossed after usage, and according to Environmental Protection Agency, the “United States manufacturing and automotive facilities alone use more than 1.6 billion aerosol cans annually.” Fortunately, Zep has created a bulk system that allows shops like ArborMotion to be far more ecological when it comes to brake cleaning.

foreign Car Repair Ann Arbor

The brake cleaning fluid that our technicians use is delivered to our shop in 100% recyclable drums, and each of these drums represents 450 aerosol cans that are NOT being dumped into our landfills. These drums also do not come shrink-wrapped or utilize any cardboard in their packaging (although our shop does have an entire recycling bin just for cardboard). Each of our technicians have a rechargeable sprayer which connects to the brake fluid drum. A pressurized air system dispenses the precise amount of fluid needed for the brake cleaning which helps to eliminate spills and reduce waste. (Please click here for a video that summarizes the Zep Bulk Brake Cleaner System)

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