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Locally owned business fights the Google Goliath to get its location right!

Our customers have been having a hard time finding us on Google maps. It turns out, Google is giving incorrect directions to our customers. 

Google is instructing customers to take Airport Blvd. that will lead you to a dead end behind our business, next to the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth. Google doesn’t understand that your car can’t magically grow wings and fly over the bushes and fence. The correct entrance is north, off of State Circle -- not through an unconnected parking lot east of the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused you. We’ve submitted a request for Google to change the directions, but so far, our efforts have been unsuccessful. 

We need your help! It will only take a few minutes of your time.

When you have a moment, please:

1) Log into google using a personal account

2) Google "ArborMotion"

3) Arbor Motion's business information should show up in the side bar. Click “Directions”

4) When you click “Directions”, you'll load google maps with ArborMotion as the destination. Add a starting point, or use "Your Location" if you have location services enabled.

5) Now as you can see, Google *INCORRECTLY* tells you to drive through some bushes just northeast of the "Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth". 

6) In the upper left hand corner of the screen, in the directions to/from box, there's a menu icon. 

Click the menu, then:

a) Choose "Send Feedback" -- it's down near the bottom

b) Choose "Wrong Information"

c) It will ask you to "Click the place or road segments you want to fix"

d) Click the area between the parking lot for the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth and Arbor Motion.

e) Check "Is Incorrectly Drawn"

f) In your own words, say something like:

I'm trying to get to ArborMotion

Directions are incorrect.

The correct entrance is north, off State Circle -- NOT through an unconnected parking lot east of the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth.

We’re hoping that this will force Google to correct the issue after reviewing several feedback submissions by our real customers. Thanks for your help and continued support! 


Sebastian Gaeta

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