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What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

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Is your check engine light on?

What does it mean?

Should you drive with your check engine light on? 

No! You should get to where you’re going quickly, but the light is a sign that you need to have your vehicle checked out by a skilled technician as soon as possible. If the light is flashing, shut the car off immediately, do not drive any further and have your vehicle towed to your repair shop. A flashing light means that damage may have occurred and driving further will only make it worse.

Possible reasons your check engine light comes on include but are not limited to:

  • Dirty, defective or clogged mass airflow sensor
  • Vacuum leak from your intake manifold gasket, vacuum line, or PCV hoses
  • Weak fuel pump
  • Clogged or dirty injector(s)
  • Exhaust leak
  • Failing O2 sensor
  • Faulty air/fuel ratio sensor
  • Failing or clogged catalytic converter

Clearly, your check engine light can be triggered by many possible causes. Avoid guessing, and get your car inspected by the experts!

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